What We Do

Entangled Bank Events is a charity registered in England and Wales, run by a group of experienced business and events-management volunteers who are passionate about science.

We promote the public understanding of science and the use of the scientific method to interpret and appreciate the world around us. We reject absolutely supernaturalist explanations, unsupported beliefs and fuzzy science.

Our recent project was to support the Alfred Russel Wallace Memorial Fund’s appeal to commission a major bronze statue of Wallace for donation to the UK’s Natural History Museum. The statue was unveiled by Sir David Attenborough on 7 November 2013, the exact centenary of Wallace’s death. See images from the unveiling.

We also organised a major science talk event featuring Bill Bailey, Richard Dawkins, Richard Wiseman, Sara Passmore, Richard Fortey and Quentin Cooper on 16 November 2013. Click here to view images from this event.